Sunday, April 25, 2010

Expat Expo in Zug

The Expat Expo in Zug last weekend was fun. It was a relief to freely speak English. Eighty four booths were crowded together in a well lit basement. The highlights were...

A whisky tasting with Mark Chesterfield: I loved the Aberfeldy Single Malt. It was smooth, light, and a touch smoky at the end. The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban was too sweet. It's matured in port pipes shipped from Portugal.

An incredible British cheese tasting with Michael: I should have taken Wallace & Gromit more seriously. I had no idea British cheese is so fantastic. It's like having an opera melt on your tongue. The rhapsody of flavors gently grounds you into the present and all that remains is the taste. I especially loved the Exmoor Blue and the Rachel Goat. If you're in the Zürich HB on Wednesdays, you can stop by Michael's booth and ask him to introduce you to the history and flavors of British cheeeeeeeeese.

A delightful and delicious wine tasting with Peter Beaty: I found the quintessential white and red wine. The New Zealand 2008 Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc “Infamous Goose” is smooth, fruity but not sweet and very refreshing. The Australian 2008 Angus The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon is strong and honest. I can't wait to enjoy our 4 bottles (2 each) with food. Peter is planning to move to Zürich this summer. This is great news as this town needs a neighborhood wine shop with friendly, expert advice that won't break the piggybank.


  1. Thanks for the feedback Melania. This is truly a labour of love and I really appreciate it when I hear that my message is getting across!


  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the expo but I would hope the Lorzensaal qualifies for a little more than a "well lit basement".

  3. Thank you, Mike. We still have a lot of cheese left over from our wedding lunch but once we finish it, I'm lining up at your booth.

    Hi Ed, I'm from NYC - anything below ground level is a basement to me. You're right though, the Lorzensaal is much cleaner and airy than a typical basement would be.

  4. Sounds fantastic! I'll definitely have to go when it come to Zurich in September!

    Yay for Peter moving to Zurich soon! I second what you said about an English-speaking, friendly wine connoisseur with merchandise for different budgets.

  5. I thought I'd bump this as we will be back at the expat expo in Luzern this coming Sunday. Also, Melania, we have a permanent market at the new Viadukt in Zurich now, 8-8 6 days a week!

  6. Hi Michael,

    I am Very excited you're at the Viadukt. I didn't realize the hours were so convenient. Dominique helped us out last Sunday. The Stinking Bishop was out but we were still thrilled with the 3 cheeses we did get. Most importantly, Congratulations are in order!!!!!