Friday, June 18, 2010

Spectacular Find #1

I've been quiet for a while, especially given my goal to write something every week. When I decided to keep an online journal about my new life in Switzerland, I made a vow not to turn this swissmeme into a dull, self centered diary where I bitch and moan every time I feel sad. Fact is, I've had a rough time adjusting to life abroad. I miss my mom, my friends, the food, the design community, and even the shopping in New York. I've thought about this so many times, I'm starting to bore myself. So, instead of harping on how frustrated and down I've been, let me tell you about a wonderful place just outside of Zürich.

The Bruno Weber Sculpture Park in Dietikon is... magical. I don't use this word lightly or often. We drove there on a rainy Saturday afternoon and almost had the place to ourselves. I spent the next hour remembering the wonderment of being a kid. The surrounding woods add to the mystery of this gem. I love the pissed off snails. Of course they're mad and belligerent. Just because they look tiny to us, doesn't mean they don't have a huge personality. If Alice in Wonderland was re-written today, the illustrations might look like Weber's park.

Check out more photos or better yet, go take some yourself. Next up on my spectacular list are the Emma Kunz Center and the new Tree Museum.

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  1. I hear you, I have been there many many times - and you have been unlucky that the weather has been so awful in your first months in Switzerland!

    The trick is to get out and find stuff to do, or get out and see people, even for a coffee, or for a short chat, or a book swap :-)

    This looks like so much fun! It the type of thing I love to do to get out of the slump that I slide back in every now and then ;-)